How to Write SEO Title Tags That Maximize Search Traffic

There are lots of things that marketers know we should do, yet tend to overlook anyway.

One example of that? SEO title tags.

Lots of marketers know that paying attention to them can help their SEO and marketing goals, yet still don’t give them the attention they deserve.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at the numbers.

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According to Databox, 36% of SEO experts agree that the title tag is the most important SEO element, and there’s…

How to Create a Year’s Worth of Content in One Day With Shaina Weisinger From Repurpose House [AMP 206]

Do you spend too much time and money creating content from scratch every time you need to publish a piece, launch a video, or ship a campaign? Create a year’s worth of content in one day for a specific channel through the power of repurposing.

Today’s guest is Shaina Weisinger from Repurpose House. Shaina talks about how to make the most of your time and resources, while using less effort to make your ROI go through the roof.


Some of the highlights of the show include:

Purpose of Repurpose House: Help those struggling with repurposing content

14 Copywriting Skills Every Marketer Needs to Have

Whether you’re a content, email, or social media specialist, at your core, you’re a marketer; a person who’s primarily responsible for raising brand awareness, generating traffic and leads, and — if you’re truly worth your salt — even converting them and retaining them.

That’s a heck of a job. Anything and everything you’ll do to be successful at it essentially requires you to use words in the form of a blog post, email newsletter, social media caption, and so on, to spark a desirable action from your audience.

Even if you aren’t a copywriter — those smug professionals who…

Cutting Through the Noise By Integrating Direct Mail With Digital Marketing With Ryan Cote From Ballantine [AMP 205]

Email inboxes, social media feeds, and internet experiences are filled with marketing messages. However, what’s old is new again in marketing.

Direct mail can be an effective way to cut through the noise and grab people’s attention.

Today’s guest is Ryan Cote, Director of Digital Services and Partner at Ballantine. Ryan talks about how to make the most out of direct mail by integrating it with digital strategies and tactics.


Some of the highlights of the show include:

Two Things: Ballantine’s transition has combined direct mail and digital marketing
High Demand: Direct mail isn’t dead, but has…

What’s Really The Best Headline Length?

First off, I want to congratulate you for taking time to research the best practices for creating the perfect headline. Far too often are writers overlooking the importance of a headline, instantly cutting their potential traffic to a fraction of what it could be.

While the content of your headline is just as important, the length of your headline should also be on your radar.

Did you know that the length of your headline can sometimes help determine whether your readers will feel engaged enough to click through to your content?

Outbrain claims that you only have a few seconds…

How to Write Emotional Headlines That Get More Shares

Here at CoSchedule, we have had MILLIONS of headlines analyzed by thousands of marketers. That’s a lot of headlines.

With this massive resource, we began wondering what exactly made a highly-shared headline so shareable. Could we find a way to predict whether or not a headline would be well-shared?

You may be surprised to hear that we found such a thing.

When we combined our massive database of headlines with our social sharing analytics and top content reports, we were able to get a unique view of the answer to this question. It all comes down to something called the Emotional…

How to Build a Remote Content Marketing Team That Produces Results

If you want to build a kick-ass, remote content marketing team that produces results for your company or agency, this article is for you.

Managing an in-house, content marketing team is hard — building a team scattered all over the world is even more difficult.

I asked marketing experts in the SaaS industry how they built and scaled their remote content team. Their responses — as well as my experience working with two remote content marketing teams in the past three years — are presented in this article as five, simple steps you can follow to build a team…