3 Disastrous Mistakes in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is one of those 21st-century professions that emerged with the rise of technology and the evolution of the internet. The business shares this important quality: it evolved by rapid change!   www.coo.business Chief Operating Officer’s insight: www.coo.business CMO Business

Future of influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is set to become a $10 billion market by 2020 – with recent reports revealing that 63 per cent of marketers intend to increase their influencer marketing spends this year.   www.coo.business Chief Operating Officer’s insight: www.coo.business CMO Business

12 Blockchain Industry Experts Offer Predictions For 2020

Nothing is more certain than the past, nor more uncertain than the future. That is why predictions are made. When it comes to a new and emerging technology like blockchain, making a prognosis on what’s to come for the next decade can improve your chances of being correct.   Chief Marketing Officer Chief Operating Officer’s …

A Marketer’s Guide to Data-Driven, Omnichannel Engagements for Increased Brand Loyalty | MarTech Advisor

Customer expectations are forcing marketers to evaluate the way they provide service and customer care.Today’s customers demand a consistent experience regardless of location or device, and expect organizations they do business with to be responsive and effective…   www.cmo.business Chief Operating Officer’s insight: www.cmo.business CMO Business